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Are Dubstep Remixes Illegal to Download or Legal?

Topic: i’m looking to do some downloading of the remix songs that are of the Dubstep style. Linkin park is going to be one of my big targets and I’m wondering if it is illegal to download the songs if they are a remix. I’m not super worried about getting caught downloading the music but what I care about more or less is the morals and ethics of doing it. Because I have read that the chances of getting caught our super slim.


Anonymous posted:
It’s good that you take initiation and actually care about the ethics and the money that goes to the music artist. I’m kind of on the same boat is you are is far as caring about getting caught but I would like the money to actually go to the music artists themselves. Because after all if I was a music artist the last thing I would want is to not get paid for the music I was putting out there and people were loving.

I do think that once the song itself is edited and the person makes the Remax that it is free open source to download. It is not necessarily correct because if you think about it the original artist is still at least a percentage of the creator and that’s where the song derived from so they should get paid I think. But I think right now the legal law states that a Remax is free to download.

Because I like electronic music and a lot of these remixes I never really have to buy any music which is kind of cool. I am a bit worried though because I have the same question you do and if I should be paying for the stuff I would feel completely like a fool. As to what I can see you know on networks like sound cloud you can download the stuff for free and a huge website like that one make the mistake have available downloads for free.