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Are Dubstep Remixes Illegal to Download or Legal?

Topic: i’m looking to do some downloading of the remix songs that are of the Dubstep style. Linkin park is going to be one of my big targets and I’m wondering if it is illegal to download the songs if they are a remix. I’m not super worried about getting caught downloading the music but what I care about more or less is the morals and ethics of doing it. Because I have read that the chances of getting caught our super slim.


Anonymous posted:
It’s good that you take initiation and actually care about the ethics and the money that goes to the music artist. I’m kind of on the same boat is you are is far as caring about getting caught but I would like the money to actually go to the music artists themselves. Because after all if I was a music artist the last thing I would want is to not get paid for the music I was putting out there and people were loving.

I do think that once the song itself is edited and the person makes the Remax that it is free open source to download. It is not necessarily correct because if you think about it the original artist is still at least a percentage of the creator and that’s where the song derived from so they should get paid I think. But I think right now the legal law states that a Remax is free to download.

Because I like electronic music and a lot of these remixes I never really have to buy any music which is kind of cool. I am a bit worried though because I have the same question you do and if I should be paying for the stuff I would feel completely like a fool. As to what I can see you know on networks like sound cloud you can download the stuff for free and a huge website like that one make the mistake have available downloads for free.

Looking for Some Good Remixes of the Dubstep Genre?

Question: I am looking for a good list of tunes that I can work out too. I tend to like the remixes a lot better. I’m not a huge dubstep kinda guy but it seems.. if they are remixes that I like them better. I really like the remixes of Eminem and stuff like that on YouTube. I know I’m not a true EMD fan or anything but just looking for some good music. Hopefully we can share that interest. Us music people gotta stick together after all.

Richard replied:
Don’t tell me that we got people visiting the site now like you but only listen to the mainstream music of that stuff. This community is devoted to diehard people that listen to this stuff and listen to the real Dubstep. Don’t take it the wrong way but I’m getting sick people like you coming around here because people like us getting annoyed by that mainstream music of Dubstep.

Patty replied:
Don’t let that guy wreck your day because I’m sure he still lives in his mom’s basement if I’m not mistaken. I’m pretty sure he’s probably 35 years old and doesn’t get enough attention and get made fun of at school so he has no choice other than to sit here make fun of other people. Here’s a cool list that should help you and you can check out the top 10 songs by each artist at this source.

Richard replied:
Actually I’m not 35 years old but instead I’m 22 years old and I actually own my own house right now. Granted a lot of the people that I hang out with do not have the same situation I do but that’s just how life is and I work harder and have more emotions than the person next to me. I am very emotional about what I deeply believe in.

Christine replied:
I’m not one to judge people but you seem like a complete lunatic and you just came off on the skyway don’t even know him. It is people like you that are crazy and make this world a scary place. All he did was come here looking person good music and he even said that we could share the passion of music together and you got on his case like a grizzly bear.

Some News & Updates of My Music Adventure

imageToday I rode the same elevator with Nobou Uematsu. As many know, he is a big influence and role model for me and my music. To say I was excited was an understatement. I shook his hand and thanked him for coming. He was speaking at my school Flashpoint Academy in Chicago.

When it came time for questions I asked him what his creative process was and to my happy surprise it was very similar to mine. He said “Most composers see a blurry vision of the complete piece in their heads, then just place the puzzle pieces together”. I completely agree with that statement as that is how I work too. Yanni said something like that it’s kind of like a painter who looks at a blank canvas and knows he wants a tree there or flower here, etc. It’s really great to have your creative process (or madness) validated by others of such great stature. I was very thankful for Uematsu-san and Arnie Roth and some members of Square-Enix to attend and speak with us.

I will be attending the Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy concert this Saturday the 12th where Uematsu-san himself will be performing One-Winged Angel with the “Chicago Mages”. Which all I know of that group is one of the STYX guitarists will be performing in the group. I was a little upset at my duplication company that it has taken them so long to get me my CDs. That elevator was a perfect opportunity to hand someone great my music. Hopefully though with the information of Uematsu-san’s company and Arnie Roth, perhaps I can send it to them with a letter hoping they remember me from the elevator. All in all it was quite an honor and experience and I am looking forward to this Saturday!

CDs are now available. The only method of distribution I currently have is through myself so let me know if you want one. Keep checking back though, in the weeks to come digital delivery of the Album will be available right here on the website via Paypal purchase and Itunes.You now can stream the ENTIRE album right here by clicking the MUSIC tab. You also can now purchase the entire album as a digital download for just $10 or select individual tracks for $1 each via Paypal or Credit Card. In about a few more weeks I’ll be on Itunes as well, Stay tuned! Enjoy!

Starting off, I’d like to announce that I am now on Itunes, Amazon, and Rhapsody!

Changes will becoming to this site soon with more info, accessibility, and fun. I’ve got a whole lot of new music rolling around in my head and will be going in to record a new album this spring. I’ll be trying to raise the bar on this one, and we together are going to go places we’ve never been. It will be an adventure!

I would like to recommend that everyone watch “This is It” the Michael Jackson Documentary. It was phenomenal.

Remember, there is always two sides to every story and two ways to look at things, just like in music when a major key has a relative minor in its same staffing. Assess a situation fully before you make a decision or act/overact. Have a great day!

I am VERY excited to have acquired Torley’s newest release, “DREAM JOURNAL” This has been an ongoing project he has been working on that I was saving to check out until I could hear it in its entirety. I still have not made it completely through all 50 tracks of this truly immersive music. On the surface I am feeling two emotions that are warring with each other.

Upon first initial listening, I was very excited that it felt as if Torley has had a revival and can definitely feel his style, but on the other hand, I haven’t decided if I like this or not yet, but Dream Journal is very complex, and I feel he has gotten extremely complex, while this is interesting and by no means bad, I wonder if sometimes I’m lacking that emotion I long for, but again I have yet to make it all the way through. Again, I am severely pleased with this release. Torley has had wonderful piano collections he has been putting out, but Dream Journal takes back into a technological realm, a realm that he so well designs by mixing a wide variety of different sounds to create a truly unique sonic universe.

This may sound like a forced advertisement, but I really enjoy this release and highly recommend it.

Letting You in on the Updates Today

jim being funnyTrumpeter, composer, and jazz educator Chris Lawrence was born and raised in the city of Muskegon, MI. While in high school he played in numerous All-State and Honors Jazz and Wind Ensembles. During his senior year, Chris was selected as one of thirty five students nationwide to perform in the National Grammy Jazz Ensemble, Los Angeles, CA.

During this trip, Chris worked with many top-name musicians such as Justin DiCioccio, Bobby Sanabria, Ron McCurdy, Nnenna Freelon and Patrice Rushen. After receiving scholarsip offers from The Berklee College of Music, Indiana University, The Cincinnati Conservatory and Depaul University, he spent four years studying in Kalamazoo, MI at Western Michigan University. Here, Lawrence studied privately with Fred Hersch, Rick Holland, Scott Cowan, Stephen Jones and Scott Thornburg.

Upon completing his Bachelor of Arts (jazz studies) from Western Michigan University, Lawrence moved to Chicago to work as a freelance musician and educator. Leaving Chicago for more exprience, Lawrence performed for the next two years in show bands on Carnival Cruise Lines and traveled the Caribbean and Mexican Riviera.

Currently finishing a teaching certificate in music education at Michigan State University, he has performed with or opened for artists such as The Cab Calloway Orchestra, Aaron Neville, Linda Rondstadt, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Earth, Wind and Fire, Kool and The Gang, Bob Mintzer, Randy Brecker, Fred Hersch, Slide Hampton, Jim McNeely, Jimmy Dillon and The Lion Street Horns, Alan Gresick Swing Shift Orchestra, and countless others. Lawrence has also performed or toured with many off Broadway productions such as Man of LaMancha, Guys and Dolls, The Buddy Holly Story, Peter Pan, 1940′s Radio Hour, Brigadoon and West Side Story.

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