Looking for Some Good Remixes of the Dubstep Genre?

Question: I am looking for a good list of tunes that I can work out too. I tend to like the remixes a lot better. I’m not a huge dubstep kinda guy but it seems.. if they are remixes that I like them better. I really like the remixes of Eminem and stuff like that on YouTube. I know I’m not a true EMD fan or anything but just looking for some good music. Hopefully we can share that interest. Us music people gotta stick together after all.

Richard replied:
Don’t tell me that we got people visiting the site now like you but only listen to the mainstream music of that stuff. This community is devoted to diehard people that listen to this stuff and listen to the real Dubstep. Don’t take it the wrong way but I’m getting sick people like you coming around here because people like us getting annoyed by that mainstream music of Dubstep.

Patty replied:
Don’t let that guy wreck your day because I’m sure he still lives in his mom’s basement if I’m not mistaken. I’m pretty sure he’s probably 35 years old and doesn’t get enough attention and get made fun of at school so he has no choice other than to sit here make fun of other people. Here’s a cool list that should help you and you can check out the top 10 songs by each artist at this source.

Richard replied:
Actually I’m not 35 years old but instead I’m 22 years old and I actually own my own house right now. Granted a lot of the people that I hang out with do not have the same situation I do but that’s just how life is and I work harder and have more emotions than the person next to me. I am very emotional about what I deeply believe in.

Christine replied:
I’m not one to judge people but you seem like a complete lunatic and you just came off on the skyway don’t even know him. It is people like you that are crazy and make this world a scary place. All he did was come here looking person good music and he even said that we could share the passion of music together and you got on his case like a grizzly bear.