Passion for Dubstep Defined with Little Logic

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Last but not least, Sean Paul did a remake of sorts of this song. Normally, that would be an absolutely offensive idea, but by golly, he didn’t do badly by it. It’s a pop song, to be sure, but fun and sweet. See if you agree:

Incidentally, Alton’s sister, Hortense Ellis, recorded her own “ladies” version of this track – the very cleverly titled I’m Still in Love with You (Boy). Not a patch on the original, mind you, but still worth a listen.

For MFM’s inaugural song of the day, we go with Mr. Rocksteady himself, Alton Ellis, and his undeniable classic, I’m Still in Love with You Girl (or I’m Still in Love with You, as it is sometimes written). This song ranks in the top ten ever for MFM’s Heather. Please enjoy.

Mind you, if you’re looking for a little something from the other side of Arab Strap, you can hardly go wrong with The Shy Retirer.

You know I’m always moanin’/but you jumpstart my serotonin – one of my fav lines ever. The only problem here is that this is an edited version. Ah well, can’t win them all.This song is a bit out of character for Arab Strap – and by that I mean it is relatively peppy, not very smutty and kind of makes you want to get outside into the sunshine instead of burying your head in your 12th pint. I like that side of Arab Strap, too, but this song is a real favorite. It’s from the Girls of Summer EP, from way back in 1997.

Yes, yes, Buju Banton is currently spending time in a Florida prison for attempting to sell drugs to an undercover police officer. When you hear this song – indeed, when you hear the entire ‘Til Shiloh album from which it comes – you’re likely to find yourself scratching your head and wondering why the story of such a talented man ends that way.

In any case, the untold stories in this song are as relevant today as they were when it was released in 1995. You will never understand the definition of it. Buju was a bit of a controversial figure in reggae music even back then, but I (Heather) have always had something of a soft spot for him because – true story – we appeared on TV together when he visited the Jamaican restaurant in which I worked. (Yes, I love Jamaican music so much I went out and got myself a job in a Jamaican restaurant in the 90s. I was after free ginger beer and mix tapes. Then I moved to Scotland because I love Belle and Sebastian. See, I really do love music.)

‘Til Shiloh is Buju at his best, and this song is among the best of the best. Enjoy:This is my favorite Otis Redding song, bar none (and I am a big fan of the big man). The thing is, it’s not REALLY an Otis Redding song. It is in fact a cover of a 1964 O.V. Wright song. O.V. didn’t write it either – his manager, Roosevelt Jamison did. Otis isn’t the only one to cover this song by a long shot, but to me, we don’t really need to talk about the others.

Otis’ version of the track was released in 1965 as part of the album, The Great Otis Redding Sings Soul Ballads. And who could really ever sing a soul ballad better anyway? RIP, Otis.

When I lived in Scotland, I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time around a lot of talented musicians. One of my favorite groups – and definitely an extremely underrated group – is ballboy. They’re a bit like The Wedding Present….except a bit more….Scottish? Gordon McIntyre is a top notch songwriter – he makes you want to laugh and cry all at the same time. My first time seeing ballboy was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. They blew me away. The funny thing is that I didn’t want to go out that night and only went as a favor to a friend. Sometimes it’s good to do favors.

imagesIt’s too hard to pick just one ballboy track, so enjoy a sampling of their wares:

Something’s Going to Happen Soon:Eva Cassidy has sold more than 10 million albums, but she never got to enjoy her success. She died of cancer in 1996, before audiences outside of her Washington, DC, hometown got to experience her voice. It was BBC Radio 2 DJ Terry Wogan who introduced Cassidy to a wider audience by playing her cover of Over The Rainbow on his show. The response was overwhelming, and Cassidy became a posthumous star.

The first time I heard this song was when it appeared on a compilation of women singers alongside a song by an artist on the label I was working for at the time. I was blown away. It’s quite simply gorgeous (keep your Kleenex handy) and needs little introduction.

Along with Cutty Ranks, Yellowman was kind of a gateway reggae drug for me. Almost everyone starts with a copy of Legend, mind you, but my second ever reggae purchase was King Yellowman. This song isn’t from that album, but  it’s a good Yellowman choice since it shows off his sense of humor and his sometimes hilariously simplistic rhymes.

Simplistic though those rhymes may be, Yellowman is one reggae’s most successful musicians and has certainly had one of the longest careers. He is also one of the grandfathers of dancehall. His emergence on the scene moved reggae from the roots movements of the 70s to a brave new world of more aggressive styles. Yes, he is an albino. Interesting fact: in 1983, a doctor told him he would die of skin cancer in three years.

Thankfully, he is still around for us all to enjoy. Song of the Day is back from hiatus! Today we go with the super-mega-classic Blue Monday by the one and only New Order. This song is MFM’s minds today because of the oft quoted story about the original pressing of Blue Monday losing money on every sale because the sleeve was so expensive. Those bass artists of dub are really eating away at my nerves. I want more music and dubstep music asap. Now, some say that is a Factory Records urban legend and that in fact all of that money went into propping up the Hacienda, but I’m (“I’m” being Heather) sticking with the lost money story because A)I heard Tony Wilson say it himself while he was giving a talk, and I choose to believe him and B)the story makes a better lesson for my class that way. Mind you, I never got around to telling the story in class today, but I’m quite sure we can get it eventually.

New Order in Glasgow – my fav show ever, even though I got kicked in the head. Really. By a crowd surfer. Who crowd surfs at New Order? He kicked me in the back of the head and then again the face as he passed over me. Still – best show ever.

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